About Canvas Magic

It all starts with a pencil & paper, and not forgetting a brew!!!

For as long as I can remember drawing has always played a massive part of my life. I’ve always found great pleasure in creating something from a blank canvas.

Canvas Magic has been born out of a basic passion for illustration and an outlet for me to apply my brain to creating products I can offer to other people.

Having been a web designer for over 20 years I’ve realised how much I’ve missed Illustrating and being inspired by creativity. I want to go back to basics and do something I enjoy and hopefully gain a great reputation from.

The idea behind many of the products on the site are to offer a completely personalised finished piece of wall art, so it is an illustration of your pet, or your child. So every piece is unique to you.

In addition to creating bespoke portraits and wall art I offer image manipulation, photoshop retouching and general image editing. So if you need anything from basic colour changes to adding people into family photos please contact me.

The range of products on offer will continue to grow. If there’s a specific piece of artwork you require but cannot find anything to suit, please feel free to get in touch, I’m sure I can create your ideas!

So please do get in touch and I hope we can work together to add a little magic to your home!

Mr Canvas Magic